Revelation Wisdom and Discernment

By | July 20, 2014
Revelation Wisdom and Discernment by Susie Glennan patientwoman.comRevelation Wisdom and Discernment

Today is a huge day for revelations in my life. I pray almost every day that the Lord would give me wisdom and discernment. I realized today that He already DOES! I just wasn’t fully aware of it. Well, I knew that sometimes I’m discerning, but I didn’t attribute it to my prayers. Sometimes I get a sick feeling in my stomach when someone is lying or something is not good or right. Sometimes I get flush, upset, frustrated, or just plain angry. And my asking for a revelation wisdom and discernment is usually about where to move, what career I should choose, or other things like that. But then it struck me… God IS giving me wisdom and discernment in all things. Sometimes I know it, sometimes I don’t, and sometimes it takes me a few to figure it out.

Yesterday while at a place of business, one of the workers was sarcastic and rude to me. They are/were going through something in their own life and dumped their issue via their attitude all over me. I didn’t say anything at the moment it occurred because I honestly have not equipped myself with what to say. I got sick to my stomach and pondered what happened. I was going to just leave, but could not. Something kept me there.

Revelation Wisdom and Discernment comes from the Lord. We must learn when it’s God speaking these things in our life. ~Susie Glennan

So I decided to try to work things out with the owner. For about 30 minutes, the owner lied, projected, and tried to transfer her issues to me as if they were my issues. I continually replied in truth. After a while it was as if the light bulb went off in her head. She stopped, teared up, and asked for forgiveness and another chance. Being put on the spot, I decided to give her another chance. She was genuinely sorry and I respect and applaud her for it.

However, after I got home and talked it through with my husband, I realized that the place I was attending was not a peaceful place. Please understand that others seem to do okay there. It is not a place that “I” should go. God showed this to me, using a sick feeling in my stomach. I just didn’t realize it was Him at that time.

This morning I finally understood that when I get that sick feeling in my stomach, whatever it is that I’m going through, is not of God. In certain cases, I should flee.

That brings me to equipping myself with “Saving Grace Statements ©.” I call them this because it is by grace we are saved and it should be in grace that we speak. Here is an article that touches upon this very issue at Our Daily Bread: Timely Words

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24 (NIV)

Throughout my life, my speech has not been the most graceful. I was often blunt honest and appeared confident. This tended to make people either love me or not. But there are now many times (in my older age) that I just don’t say anything because I’m not sure what to say that would be proper, without offending God. So I wrote an article called, “No You Can’t Have My Ice Cream (boundaries).” In it, I came up with “Saving Grace Statements ©” and hope to practice and memorize them for when the need arises.

Blessings and Peace,

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