I’m Lost, But Should Be Found – Soon

I’m Lost, But Should Be Found — Soon. Have you ever been on a long journey, are fairly patient, taking what’s thrown at you and still continuing on? You stay positive. You work hard. You always do the right thing even if others abandon you or come against you for doing so. For some reason… Read More »

Pondering Patience and Peace

Pondering patience and peace… August 10, 2014 Many of us ask God how long we must wait to have an answer. Just because He isn’t showing or telling us doesn’t mean He’s testing our patience. Our patience is being tested because of our human nature of needing to know. I know a missionary who doesn’t… Read More »

Revelation Wisdom and Discernment

Revelation Wisdom and Discernment 7/11/14 Today is a huge day for revelations in my life. I pray almost every day that the Lord would give me wisdom and discernment. I realized today that He already DOES! I just wasn’t fully aware of it. Well, I knew that sometimes I’m discerning, but I didn’t attribute it… Read More »

Learn God’s Word

Learn God’s Word 7-11-14 Today I was bouncing around and reading on equip.org. During my reading, it hit me… God has been teaching me patience so that I finally come to Him to learn – LEARN God’s Word. He is guiding me to asking the right questions to learn and then share with others. When… Read More »

Is This What Learning to be Patient is?

Is this what learning to be patient is? June ramblings 6-4-14 Is this what learning to be patient is? It’s been 3 weeks since my neck surgery and while I am not in very much pain and can move about, I have no energy and my drive to run a business, or even own one… Read More »

No, You Can’t Have My Ice Cream (Boundaries)

No You Can’t Have My Ice Cream (boundaries) One night, hubby and I went to a friend’s house for dinner (we’ll call her Lee). Lee was struggling financially and needed to pick up some groceries, so we picked her up at her house and went to the grocery store. While there, I decided to get… Read More »

On the Road to Patience

Patience is something many people struggle with. I am one of those people. I do well some days and not well other days. As I pondered what it means to be patient, this poem started bouncing around in my head as I would lay down to sleep. Several days after this started, I finally got… Read More »