Inky Obsession Colouring Ode

By | November 4, 2015

Poem by Bev Watts on Patientwoman.comFor those of you involved or rather, addicted to adult coloring, here’s a poem by Bev Watt called, “Inky Obsession Colouring Ode.” Sometimes we are so into our coloring that everything else is left undone. This is all in good fun, and when I say fun I mean F~U~N!!!

A colouring book for adults
The idea seemed rather quaint
I purchased my supplies,
Some pencils, pens and paint

This is such a good idea
What a way to ease the stress
Immerse myself in pictures
And forget the household mess

I carefully choose my picture
With a vision in my mind
Of the masterpiece to follow
With the colours intertwined

My dreams are quickly shattered
When my pencils start to break
And my eyes get double vision
And my hand begins to ache

The leaves are never ending
My colours just aren’t right
Some are dull and boring
And others far too bright

Going out of the lines
Is causing so much shame
I curse my wretched pencils
They surely are to blame

My shading isn’t working
The colours just won’t blend
Another fifty leaves to go
When will this madness end?

There’s dirty dishes in the sink
The laundry pile is high
But none of that’s important
Cos I’m about to colour sky

I can’t go on much longer
This is causing so much strife
You’ve nearly wrecked my life!

©2015 Bev Watt
All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission.

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