I’m Lost, But Should Be Found – Soon

By | September 9, 2014
I'm lost - Mountains - patientwoman.comI’m Lost, But Should Be Found — Soon.

Have you ever been on a long journey, are fairly patient, taking what’s thrown at you and still continuing on? You stay positive. You work hard. You always do the right thing even if others abandon you or come against you for doing so.

For some reason this came into my head and

I decided to write it down. You take nice, long hikes up to the top of mountains. Each time you get to the top, all seems right in the world. When you are ready to go back down, you have a choice. You either take your time on the way back, savoring the wondrous nature around you, or you race down without much thought because you finished what you set out to do and now you can just coast.

What if one time (or maybe two or three) you are so close to the top of the mountain that you get excited, and run up only to fall off? (After all, all mountains are different, so it could happen.) And let’s say you were lucky enough not to get killed when you fell off (or flew off if I’m envisioning this correctly). It would take a long time to heal physically, and mentally.

There are various stages of healing. We/I/you must allow sufficient time in each stage to heal properly. What is sufficient time? The time each individual needs to take to get to the next stage, and then, the final stage.

On this road to patience, I’m taking things one day at a time. It’s a slow road.

So many times, people say to others, “Just get over it. Move on man! Don’t complain. Stop living in the past.” The list goes on…

I’ve spent many years listening to and hearing from women who’ve had all of these things said to them. Heck, I’ve even had them said to me. Did you know that when you have “true” friends, who whine, grieve, grumble, or cry with you through most stages, if not all stages until you’re back on your feet, it takes less time to get back on your feet? All you need is a little understanding and away you go!

I’ve had surgeries before, but this time it’s so different. Apparently this was such an invasive surgery, that it’s a six-month to one-year recovery period. My energy is low, so while my mind is willing, my body is saying, “NO!”

It’s August 21, 2014 and the doctor just gave me permission to do activities that are a little more strenuous, but honestly, I just want to sit more often than get up and go. This is SO NOT me! When I do get up and get moving it doesn’t last long enough for me.

I purposely enrolled in college courses and workout 5 days a week via physical therapy. This was the only way I’d get up and out.

So being the patient woman is my new thang. I guess I’m not really lost. I’m just finding a new path. Good things come to those who wait. Why it is so difficult then? I think it’s time to schedule some lunch dates.

Blessings and Peace,


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