You Are Allowed To Enjoy What You Have

What does the Bible say about being patient? I’ve been going through a time of impatience this past school semester. It got me to thinking about what God says about being patient. As I typed into our friend Google, “What does the bible say about patience,” I found many different thoughts on the topic. I… Read More »

Inky Obsession Colouring Ode

For those of you involved or rather, addicted to adult coloring, here’s a poem by Bev Watt called, “Inky Obsession Colouring Ode.” Sometimes we are so into our coloring that everything else is left undone. This is all in good fun, and when I say fun I mean F~U~N!!! A colouring book for adults The… Read More »

Coloring Reviews and Products

People love reviews and referrals to products. When you go searching for a new product, don’t you want to read what other people think? It gives a frame of reference for the good, bad, and the ugly. Here’s a list of products I own, products I have tried, and products on my wish list. If… Read More »

Review: Coloring Pages for Adults!

Do you like to color? Do you get overwhelmed looking through coloring books at the store? Are you looking for new, fresh coloring pages? How about ones sent right to your inbox each month? Then this is for YOU! As you all know, I am totally into the adult coloring craze. I now have about… Read More »

Help with Coloring – Adult Coloring Craze

Help with Coloring – Adult Coloring Craze Coloring and Choosing Colors — oh the Struggle! Do you have difficulty choosing colors for your coloring pages? I asked for help with coloring in two coloring groups I belong to and it made it so fun! Coloring and the Creativity Struggle Staring at the paper. Staring at… Read More »

On a Roll With Coloring Pencils Review

A Coloring Pencils Review With new pencils and pens in hand and the choice of an easy page, here’s my On a Roll With coloring pencils review! As of the coloring of this picture, I hadn’t received my Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book by Johanna Basford yet, so I’m still in the… Read More »

Break Free From Perfection (coloring)

Do you have trouble starting or finishing coloring projects? Do you want to be more creative, enjoy, and relax into something therapeutic? Learn to break free from perfection and enjoy life! Break Free From Perfection (coloring) I did it! I was finally able to break free from perfection. In my last post (Coloring, Patience, &… Read More »

Book of Revelation and Patience

The Book of Revelation and Patience 4-9-15 This was one of those times I was asking so many questions that my hubby found a book to help me. As you know (if you’ve read my posts about studying the Word), I’ve been trying to read the bible in chronological order and haven’t made it through.… Read More »

Day Before Thanksgiving Shopping

Day Before Thanksgiving Shopping 11/28/14 I couldn’t find my blender after searching through many boxes in the garage. (Still haven’t unpacked after 2 years. But that’s another story.) Went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to get another one Wednesday. The day before thanksgiving shopping is B-U-S-Y and hubby